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Email your orders to:  info@omegacards.com or fill out the form here.

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Buy & Trade Info


Due to the increased volume of sale/trade offers, we can no longer "make you an offer". So when you send us your card lists, you must include the lowest price you'll sell your cards for or the value you wish to receive in trade (based on our current inventory prices). This will get you a much quicker response.

When it comes to "in print" cards, we are only interested in the higher priced rares and the more popular uncommons. To give you a better idea of what we're looking for check out our want list for MAGIC and STAR WARS. Please remember that when dealing with cards that are considered still in print we buy the majority of ours wholesale. This way we can sell them about 50% Low Scrye Magazine's price list. This also means when we buy or trade these cards from the public, we must obtain them for less than half what we sell them for. This is just to give you an idea of what to expect. Nothing is written in stone.

Please keep in mind we get 30+ requests a week for trades, so when sending us your "For Sale List" and/or "Trade List" please include:
1. each card's name, expansion and condition
2. whether this is a strictly a straight trade, partial trade-partial payment, or straight sale
3. your email address
4. price you want for each card (either for trade value or cash)

Email lists to: info@omegacards.com.  Please allow 2-3 days for a response.

Other things to remember:

   - Payments/Cards will not be sent until your cards are received and inspected.

   - Again - we can no longer "make you an offer". 

   - Look at what we are currently selling that card for.  If we sell it for $10 we cannot buy it from your for $12