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Our system to determine the condition of the card is taken directly from Scrye Magazine. We realize that many of our customers don't have access to Scrye, so here it is:


Grading Guide

This simplified grading guide gives basic categories for the condition of game cards and applies to all of the collectible trading card games...



This card is perfect in every way.


Near Mint

this (probably) unplayed card shows almost no wear and may have a few minor scratches or slight marks on the cards edges....



this card has obviously been played, but not heavily. It lacks marks that would make it easily identifiable. It definitely has some minor scratches and/or less than perfect edges. It will show less than 1/16" depth of white along on or two edges of one face of the card. It may have a minor crease that is only visible close-up.



This card has a played look to it. It will have white showing on three or four edges on both faces. This card may also have more than 1/16" depth of white showing on an edge on the back face of the card. It may also be a card that looks like a Near Mint Card except that it has one distinguishing wear feature, such as a slight tear, or an easily identifiable crease. It may also have permanent black marks from dirt. It is only acceptable for play if it cannot be easily distinguished from the other cards of the playdeck.


Any card in less than Good condition.


Misprints & Errors

If a cad is mangled by the factory by being irregularly cut or crunched by the flow wrap machine, it often has no value. If a card has a text/icon/art error that is later corrected, it may have premium value.


Autographed Cards

So Far, an autograph has not lowered a card's value; to some people, an autograph increases the card's value. A card autographed by the game's designer or the artist is definitely of more value to a collector. A card autographed and augmented by the game's designer is even better!